About Me

Facts about me  (I know you are just dying to know):

...My favorite lens is my 100mm macro.

...I love to garden and spend time outdoors.

...I have my masters degree in photography.

...My favorite books are the Harry Potter series.

...I drive my husband nuts by saying, “Eh, six of one.”

...Mornings are great when they include an iced soy chai tea latte!

...I have two spectacular children and they are the absolute light of my life! 

...I photograph weddings with a great team of girls at Blue Chair     Photography.

...Favorite treat in Phoenix, Arizona is a tsoynami (think vegan blizzard) - super tasty!


...I love, love, love vegan cookbooks...not always so great about actually making the food vegan.

...I have probably seen Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion at least thirty-six times, and never get tired of it.

...My favorite flowers are daisies, calla lilies and tulips...oh and dahlias....ahhh there are just too many too choose from, I love them all!

...I had the joy of living in Alameda, California, for four years. and got to take walks on the beach, which I miss greatly. We are now in the heat of Phoenix, Arizona.